FB Echo Review & Bonus By Jason Fladlien

Here is a FB Echo review of Jason Fladlien’s new Facebook software! Also get details on a killer FB Echo Bonus worth over $5,000!

FB Echo review

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Facebook Marketing for Beginners

Facebook Marketing For BeginnersFacebook offers a free platform to market your business to a wider audience. Millions of people frequent facebook daily to either connect with their friends or their favourite brand.

But to successfully market your business on facebook there are important things to do to ensure you are doing things right to avoid harming your business.

For success in facebook marketing you need to not only set up a page and invite followers but you need to engage with them.

Setting Up Your Facebook Business Profile

Before anything else, the first thing you need to do is to set up a great profile. One way you could do this is use Facebook software like FB Echo. It automatically builds monetized fan pages for you.

You could also build them manually. For a great manual profile you need to make sure you have:

Logos that stand out to represent what your business is all about,

Photos and descriptions of your products or the services you offer.

A pre-written description for the “About” section with the right keywords used smartly throughout.

For example if your business is about say plumbing, you should have the phrases related to plumbing to attract potential customers

Contacts details including email, phone numbers, website, location, opening hours etc

Attracting and Gaining Followers

Normally this is the hardest part but the best place to start is to invite friends, colleagues, and family members.

Encourage them to invite their friends as well. In addition invite people in your industry who might be interested in your products such as retailers, manufactures etc.

Like as many valuable pages as possible in your industry.

If you have a website you can encourage people to connect with you on facebook for real time updates and information

Making the Most of Facebook Marketing

As mentioned above, success in facebook marketing calls for more than just creating a great profile, you need to be actively involved to keep your followers interested lest they move on to your competitor.

Below are some great tactics for success in facebook marketing.

Advertise- Actively advertise your products or services on facebook. Be careful how you use your time on facebook. Avoid chitchats that aren’t valuable to your business instead create content that will help answer questions about your products and services.

Share- People will need a reason to become friends with you on facebook. Offer value to your followers to earn their interest and trust. For example you can regularly post useful and interesting content about topics related to your field or give your followers free samples, coupons or gifts. You can even throw an event to encourage people to come together and support your business

Be involved-Be actively involved on facebook. Answer any queries your followers may have, offer valuable advice and show them that you genuinely care about their opinions and feelings

Facebook is among the top social networking platforms that can really help market your business. Facebook marketing allows you to connect with your followers and focus on offering value and not just making sales.

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What Makes For An Effective Email Marketing Strategy

Email marketing is something that nearly all online businesses are encouraged to partake in.

Everybody knows that the money is in the list, right?

That said, if you’re in possession of a website that receives a lot of traffic, it makes sense to capture people’s email addresses and send them promotional emails later on down the road.

If nothing else, it’s a source of guaranteed traffic that no search engine algorithm change can ever take away.

Still, it’s important not to be overly promotional when it comes to email marketing.

Most industry professionals recommend that it’s best to send content of informational nature and drop a quick promotional line in the signature.

That’s it, nothing complicated or fancy. But it’s proven and effective.

Obviously, you don’t want to send anything just to make a quick buck. Doing this will quickly make a lot of people unsubscribe, and it’s just not worth it.

As a general rule of thumb, only promote the products you’d be willing to buy yourself.

Take a look at the sales page. Does it look credible and well organized? Is there a high probability of it converting well?

Take all these things into account when deciding what to promote.

You could also just let the subscribers know about a new piece of content you’ve just published on your website.

This can’t hurt, because it’s always something relevant to that specific audience. In any case, place the opt-in page in a visible place on your website.

If no-one notices it, no-one will sign up. It’s important to entice the people to subscribe to your list.

Offer a freebie in return. A coupon is fine, maybe a free ebook? This depends on your niche.

Just make sure you give away something that’s valuable enough for the visitors to give you their emails in return.

Be nice to your subscribers, don’t spam them or flood them with emails. An email every couple of days is just fine.